non-profit thrift store in support of Adeara Recovery Centre


Charitable Thrift Store in Edmonton

More Than a Fad is a thrift store in Edmonton raising funds for women in addiction recovery at Adeara Recovery Centre.

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Quick Facts About More Than a Fad

  • All profits generated by the store go directly support Adeara's addiction recovery programming.
  • The store is mostly run by volunteers! While a small staff team supports the store, we rely on volunteers to keep our store shelves stocked.
  • We're a traditional thrift store, which means we carry everything from furniture to clothes to home items and more.

Every Purchase Makes a Difference

There's more to this store than thrifting. All profits generated by the store go directly towards supporting Adeara’s recovery program. By helping Adeara cover its operating costs, More Than a Fad allows Adeara to:

  • Provide safety, security and shelter for our residents, who have often in the past lived in homes of abuse, violence or lack of safety otherwise
  • Deliver addiction recovery programming throughout the week in both one-on-one and group settings
  • Build a staff of accredited counsellors and trained team members to care for residents
  • Rebuild families through helping women regain custody of their children and allowing children to live in the centre with their mothers
  • Celebrate the achievements of our women residents and share our successes with our supporting community 

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About Adeara Recovery Centre

Adeara is an accredited long-term residential addiction recovery centre for women and their children in Edmonton, AB. We walk with women through every step of their recovery journeyfrom addiction to sobriety, and transitioning back into the community. We are proud to be:

  • One of few long-term recovery centers in Alberta. While majority of addiction recovery programs extend from a few weeks to a few months, Adeara's programming ranges from a minimum of 6 months to 2 years.
  • A faith-based organization. We are committed to being accountably aligned in Christian faith, as we consider spiritual development to be an important part of addiction recovery.
  • Reconnecting families.We are one of few addiction recovery centers in Canada that accepts both women and their children, and offer supportive care to keep families together.
  • An accredited recovery centre. Our programming is research-informed and is designed to treat all elements of addiction from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective.

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