non-profit thrift store in support of Adeara Recovery Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take donations?

Yes! You can drop off your donations at our southside store on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm. Please check our do's and don'ts list before you come.

Does More Than a Fad deliver?

Yes, More Than a Fad can deliver large furniture pieces to your home within in a 30 minute drive from our store, for an additional charge of $60. 

Does More Than a Fad accept returns?

All sales at More Than A Fad are final. You have 7 days to return electronics that don't work, in the condition they were purchased with the receipt. This includes in store and etransfer purchases.

Are electronic items or home items tested before being sold?

All electronic and home appliances are tested before being sold, and will have a tested sticked on the product. 

Do you post all your best finds online or are there some in the store too?

We intentionally leave great finds in our thrift store for you to discover! So no, we don't set aside all our good items to post on Poshmark. Sometimes, we get expensive items donated that don't fit in well with our affordable thrift stores. Therefore, to generate more income for Adeara Recovery Centre we sell those higher ticketed items on platforms like Poshmark. There's also a far greater selection of categories in our store that we don't post online, such as furniture, home hardware, gardening supplies, kitchen staples, linens, office supplies, crafting materials, kid's toys, kid's clothes and more.

Am I able to look at and/or try on an item posted on More Than a Fad's Poshmark before purchase when I am in store?

Yes, you may view and/or try on items posted to our Poshmark in store before purchasing if they are still available. We do not do holds without payment. Please ask the cashier at the front to view the item(s) you wish to see.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, you can buy a physical gift card in store for any amount. 

How do I contact More Than a Fad if I have issues and/or questions?

You can phone the store at 780-436-8662, email or message us on our social media platforms.