next online items dropping on Thursday, November 5! (in store pick up)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post all your best finds online or are there some in the store too?

We intentionally leave great finds in our thrift store for you to discover! So no, we don't set aside all our good items for our online store. There's also a far greater selection of categories in our store that we don't post online, such as furniture, home hardware, gardening supplies, kitchen staples, linens, office supplies, crafting materials, kid's toys, kid's clothes and more.

Do you take large amounts of donations?

Yes! You can drop off your donations at our store between 10 am and 2 pm on Mondays to Saturdays. Please check our do's and don'ts list before you come.

Do you recycle old clothes?

Yes! If you have old clothes with stains or wear and tear, you can give them to us and we'll have them recycled for you. To do so, please:

  1. Put your recyclable clothing in a garbage bag separate from your other donations.
  2. Make sure the bag is ONLY FABRICS - no shoes, household items, plastic/paper sales tags on the clothing, etc.
  3. Clearly label the bag "Recyclable Fabrics" and seal shut.