Become A Vendor

So you want to be a vendor at our next event.

**UPDATE: We're all filled up! Thank you so much Edmonton!**

We would love to have you! Our next event will be our Christmas Markets, November 26-28th and December 3-5th. We are looking to partner with a variety of vendors, a new assortment each day. To be a vendor at our event, you need to:

  • pick which dates you'd like to be there (see times below)
    • let us know around 2 different days that you'd like, making it clear which day you prefer. Due to high interest of the community, vendors may only get one sales day, even if two were requested.
  • bring your own payment system, products and marketing materials
  • commit to donating at least 20% of your sales profits to Adeara (it's all for the cause!

Once you've submitted the form, Kendra (Fund Development & Marketing Assistant at Adeara) will review your date request and contact you with your approved booking date. 

Available Dates

We have found that booking partial days is not lucrative for vendors, so to make the most of your time, please be present for the whole day (if you need to leave early or arrive late, mention so in your application).

  • Nov 26/Dec 3: Thursday FILLED
  • Nov 27/Dec 4: Friday FILLED
  • Nov 28/Dec 5: Saturday FILLED

More Information


  • Space Set Up: If you need specific requirements such as a plugin, a certain amount of space, etc. please let us know. We will provide a regular-sized table and chair unless you'd like to bring your own.
  • Set Up Times: Set up time is between 8:45-9:45 AM each day. Please have your space completely ready by 10 AM.

During the Event

  • Please Be Present: Feel free to chat with customers, make connections and have a good time! If you leave your station, please make sure you have someone who can look after your products.


  • Making Your Donation: To give a portion of your sales to Adeara, go to ATB Cares + Adeara and click the red "donate now" button. ATB will automatically match a portion of your donation. Please do so before the end of the day! OR e-transfer to

Questions & Answers

Can I leave my products at the thrift store for you to sell? We ask that you sell your products independently. You many donate extra products to the store if you would like 100% of the proceeds to go to More Than a Fad.

Can I advertise my business at the event? YES! We'd like this to be an opportunity for you to grow your customer base while also celebrating this new adventure for Adeara. You are welcome to make connections, provide promo materials, amp up your space (with limitations), play your own music, etc.

Will you promote my business on social media? We would love to! Please sign up in advance and make sure to check your emails so we can get pictures and info from you well in advance.